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Our Story

Ottawa residents now have an authentic gourmet Burrito shop they can call their own. Come to Burrito gringo and smell, see and taste the difference of fresh and homemade cooked food; all prepared from scratch in our own kitchen.

Our motto is simple; Slow Homemade Food… Fast. Where it takes us a whole lot of time to prepare the food, but then we are able to serve it and customize it the way you like it in a short time.

Preparation. Preparation. Preparation. We are up with the sun, dicing cilantro, chopping tomatoes, juicing limes, scooping out avocados, simmering beans, seasoning meats, blending salsas, baking desserts, braising beef and pork, and grilling steak and chicken to perfection. Almost all of the food we serve is made in-house from scratch and by hand.

We use the freshest and finest ingredients to make our food; with no processed ingredients, additives or preservatives. We have no freezer or microwave in our restaurant. Our beans are slow cooked and never come out of a can. Even our cookies, we make them with real butter. We choose to juice fresh lemons and limes, not because it’s easy, but because we know we can all tell the difference.

We are not part of a big chain; we are family owned and local to Ottawa. We are dedicated to serving the freshest and tastiest food. We purchase our food and supplies from Ottawa based businesses whenever possible. We hope you will come and visit us soon.

We are the Original and only location to serve you!
(We have no affiliation with any other location)

1091 St. Laurent Blvd @ Cyrville
(Beside food BASICS)
Tel: 613-663-7790
Monday to Saturday: 10:30am – 11:00pm
Sunday: 10:30am – 10:00pm